My childhood hero Bret Favre & Greenbay Packers announce today that Favre will have his #4 jersey retired & will go GB HOF in 2015. You know I hated Bret for putting on a rivals jersey but you know what it’s time to forgive & put the past behind us. I’m looking forward to celebrating his Packers career. Welcome back no.4 I’ve miss you!!!

Praying Paul Geogre

Man that sucks. Pacers superstar Paul George was playing USA basketball showcase in Las Vegas. He went up to block a shot he landed on his leg that’s when it his leg broke. Injuries happen it’s part of sports but no one likes to see injuries like George or Ware happen. George, the whole sports world is praying for you. We all know you’ll have strong recovery & make a great comeback!!!

Don’t bs me plz

Don’t bs me that you threwup in the bathroom bc you want to leave. Just be straight up with me & I’ll prolly let you go home early cus I’m cool coworker & I lol at you cus you’re losing money. If you’re bs me & I find out. I’m going the boss lady!!!
Remember: don’t check in & take pics when you’re suppose to be “Sick”. I hope you feel better if you’re really “Sick”!!!

Packers upcoming season

How I see the Packers doing in this upcoming season is every well. Rodgers, Cobb & Matthews are healthy now & RB Eddie Lacy looks to another great year. The Packers also signed Peppers which will be the D every much. I see the Packers finishing 11-4 in regular season & winning the NFC North. I also see the Packers doing work in the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl were they’ll face the Patriots. I see the Packers beating Patriots to win they 5th Super Bowl trophy. Go Pack Go!!!

My #Sharknado2TheSecondOne Review

Sharknando 2 was just has great has the 1st one. Great acting, Great action screens & the sharks were meaner then ever. Let’s talk about 19 cameos that were in this movie. Notables cameos Kelly Osbourne,Mark McGrath, Matt Lauer, Andy Dick, Kelly Ripa, Michael strahan, Billy Ray, Al Rocher, Vivica A Fox, Perz Hilton, Subway Guy &Kurt Angle. Then ending of this movie was epic!!!